It is about a man who is handsome who has married foir wives but all his wives died in mysetry.His last wife was your
Gravely-silent-house-of-deadlock feature

Gravely Silent

 sister Jenny  but she she falls ill and died.Her spirit calls you in a dream for help.As soon as you woke up from your trrible nightmare.Her husband Richard call you and told you about your sister death.

Yet,you go to your brother in law castles searching for an answer.Each of your brother in law past wives hold a secret of their own.Some of them is an artist,a painter,a florist and even a witch.In order to save your sister who was trapped in a limbo and about to die.You must first get each wives ring to realeased your sister.


Gravely Silent - House of Deadlock Collectors Edition-1

Gravely Silent - House of Deadlock Collectors Edition-1

The Trailer

This video is a trailer of introduction where this game was first published.This video also shows all the dead wives including Jenny,your sister.Ther are also some scenes that shows how the mystery in Richards castle is solved by you,the player.


  • General Tips


I am totally sure that everyone knows about this main menu,But we still want to show you how its done.Click on 'Play'(A) to access.The 'Options(B) allows you to adjust the screen,music,cursor and also sound.I f yo want to change players,directly click on the button(C) where you can manage your player profile.The Strategy Guide(D) takes you to the purchase page for the gide you need.Button(E) allows you to see more  great games to be downloaded.

  • Chapter 1:The Graveyard
  1. Zoom into a pile of branches,click them 5 times to remove them aside.Then,click on the 'Left Cat


    Head'(1).There's nothing you can do for right now.After that,read the notein the lower right(2).Head towards the gate and grab the hidden ladder on the right(3).Click the ladder in your inventory after you got it and place it aggainst the lamppost(4).Zoom into the lamppost and take the bright candle(5) and place it on top of the right tree(6) and you activate the Hidden Object Scenes.